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picaBot V6 Vacuum Robot

- The Most ADVANCED Sensor Vacuum Cleaner Robot


Movement -ActiveSearch multiple patterns

picaBot response to obstacles and move in various patterns(up to 5 different patterns) to easily escape from tight space and to maximize floor coverage.


Obstacle sensing -Ultrasoniccontact-less& soft touch

Hi-tech ultrasonic sensors commonly used in aeronautical industry effectively sense obstacle to avoid contact thereby avoid damaging or even scratching against your beloved furniture. Another major advantage of this contact-less technology is that it works equally well invirtually any situation including in pitch darkness or in daylight unlike the lower cost infra red (IR) sensors.


Vacuuming mechanism -Super light-weight impeller with self adjusting cleaning head

picaBot V6 has the strongest vacuuming power in the picaBot family and yet low noise(42dB) and energy saving(30W). The self-leveling cleaning head adjust automatically to maximize cleaning power on different types of surface be it hard floors or carpeted floors.



Vacuuming air flow -Sealed semi-straight type

To maximise suction power of picaBot, the most effective aerodynamic semi-straight air flow technique is applied to effectively suck in dust, hairs, loose fibres and other common household debris like crumbs and lizard drops.




Main brush -Spiral light alloy fins with soft nylon bristle

The bristle of picaBot V6 is softer than most paint brush. This is specially designed to loosen more stubborn dirt for more effective pick up and yet gentle to any floor types including marble and lacquered (solid wood) floors.




Side brush -Twin easy install clip-on type

Besides giving picaBot one of the widest cleaning track among robotic vacuum at 36cm(14 inches), the long spinning side brushes (6cm) on both sides cleans more thoroughly along walls and corners.


Mopping pad -Detachable pad with rolling microfiber cloth

The easy clip-on rolling type microfiber mopping pad allow you to simultaneously dry or wet mop the floors while vacuuming for a better cleaning effect. The rolling (like a loop) microfiber cloth provide double the surface area for better cleaning.




Germicidal light -253.7nm UVC light with safety auto cut off

UVC light is proven effective in inhibiting the growth of harmful microorganisms.You have the option to switch on or off the UV light.




Dirt filtration -Bagless dual stage pre-and-HEPA filter

The 0.3 micron filters helps to eliminate allergen and harmful micro-organism down to 0.3 micron in size, preventing them to be blown out into the air. In front of the HEPA filter is a layer of mesh type pre-filter that makes removing dirt from the dust box so much easier.


Ultrasonic Virtual Barrier with rechargeable battery

To limit its working area, simply place the high precision ultrasonic virtual barrier on the floor. It form a barrier up to 5 meter(16 feet) to block picaBot from crossing over. Instead of constantly changing battery like others, picaBot's virtual barrier comes with rechargeable battery saves you hundreds of Ringgit on replacement batteries alone.


Scheduler -7 days time setting

Set picaBot to clean at your preferred time any day or everyday of the week automatically. Now that is really convenience.




Multifunction Remote Control

The handy remote control gives you full control of picaBot to activate/deactivate all functions and drive the robot. It fit nicely into your palm or in the storage compartment of the charging base.



Command Center

Also known as the charging base, the command center serves to guide the robot to return to auto recharge the robot. It also charge the virtual barrier, let you set the cleaning schedule, command the robot the clean as soon as it complete charging and store the remote control.



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